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Zion National Park Sunset Elopement

What an incredible sunset wedding shoot in Zion National Park!

Amanda and Jason,  thank you so much for having me officiate and photography your beautiful wedding!

I LOVE this location ( near Virgin Utah on a map which is just 10 minute from Zion National Park ).   It’s such a spectacular and secluded area.   To be honest,  I’m a little protective of the location,   but call me at 801 556 3301 and I can give you more info .

It’s a great location for wedding with:

  • SMALL group size of 2-14 people ,
  • those who HAVE an SUV ( the last mile is SUV only ! ),
  • and those who want a unique and adventurous location near Zion National Park but not IN it ( we will definitely escape the crowds here since it’s slightly outside the park boundary).

It’s where I go MOST often for smaller groups and I like the lighting here best at SUNSET .